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How Thorium can save the world: Salim Zwein at TEDxBeirut 2012

Staunch environmentalist, Salim Zwein informs us on Thorium; a cheap, efficient, clean and abundant energy source with the capacity to replace Uranium as a nuclear fuel, and turn the nuclear industry into a safe, environmental alternative.

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Problem really is we have no

Problem really is we have no time for anything but high power density, low environmental-impact power sources... local solar, EVs & efficiency, storage and nuclear.

Nuclear, even today, is not "dirty" in any comparison to fossil fuels and wind, which depends on fossil fuels, mining, cement production, etc., to an extent more than equivalent nuclear.

This talk would be better to simply compare realities of power sources. And, it wasn't Weinberg alone who came up with MSR -- Nobel chemist Wigner gave him the idea.